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Brave Nation Young Activist Award Recipient: Cristina Lara
The Brave Nation Young Activist Award was designed to celebrate a next generation of progressive activism. Five incredible finalists were chosen amongst many nominees. We're proud to announce after counting all the votes that Cristina Lara is the winner.

Cristina Lara
Cristina Lara started her own organization, Society of Young Leading Women, which is currently awaiting non profit status. She started an underground newspaper in her high school, called Uncensored which is composed of 10 student writers with Cristina as the editor in chief. They write articles focused on the issues with their administration in addition to her underground newspaper - Cristina also writes for her local newspaper.

Take note that Cristina joined the Fair Lawn High School's football team. She lifted weights with the rest of her all-male players, while having to endure the awful stares and criticism. While her coaches tried to undermine her abilities, Cristina made it clear that she is tough by showing up to every practice, and every game.

She's a feminist; a football player; a writer; and a straight A student. What more can you ask for?