Official Selection: We The People Festival
This Brave Nation
Official Selection: Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Permit me a personal moment. Like you, I often wonder why I do what I do. And because I’ve done it for so long, I sometimes wonder whether it all was worth it. Well, make no mistake. It was and is. Especially when the reasons are so graphically and emotionally recorded on film. Let me explain. Last night I watched — online — the second episode in a remarkable series co-produced by The Nation magazine and Brave New Foundation. ...Print married with film. Film and print married with the internet. Internet married with text, audio and video. Text, audio and video married with ACTION. You don’t need a user’s manual to get the beauty of all this integration. Beginning on June 1 the first episode of a five part video series — eventually to be produced in a DVD boxed set — aired.
I hope it makes it to college campuses too... lots of young adults feeling very disenchanted with the whole scene.
I really think this new project could be subtitled This American Life meets Frontline thinkers and activists.
As the Sierra Club's conservation director, I talk to Carl all the time -- but not quite like this. He and Jones bounce stories and ideas off each other, and offer important reflections on the life experiences that triggered the passion they have for the work they do. They also talk about society, where we need to go, how we can get there, and about their hope for humanity's success.
If I had seen these episodes in high-school I would have gone on to college actually believing I could make a difference.
Hearing directly from those who began the movements that changed history makes the idea of creating social change accessible to all of us.
Looks good, esp. Naomi Klein and Tom Hayden, who is still a good looking guy!
... I found fascinating their discussion about the role of culture in social change and why artists today seem less involved than in the 60s
I think this series deserves maximum exposure.
... it's important at times like these to remember that we're all in this together, and have been for many years. Robert Greenwald's Brave New Foundation, working with the folks at The Nation, has come up with a terrific way to remind us of this. They've prepared a series of 30-minute documentaries, titled "This Brave Nation,"
As an aging progressive who majored in film, I salute you for your new series and thank you for the thoughtful, eloquent way you present the possibility for change. Bless you.
I highly recommend that you take a few minutes and watch these as they are released. I think these conversations will bring you both hope and challenge.
Whatever your politics…this episode is pretty interesting. Good stuff.
[This Brave Nation] Lays out trends in environmental activism that have evolved from the foundational ideology of the sixties to the more pragmatic, inclusive and, arguably, realistic approach of the new century. Worth a watch.